Sweet Goods

Our Sweet Goods team isn’t afraid to take on taste, no matter the challenge. Through targeted innovation, vigilant flavor screening and application-specific testing, crafting customized solutions is what we do best. Whether you’re looking to reduce sugar or salt, mask vitamin bitterness in gummies, or cost-effectively reduce your use of cocoa powder, we’ll help you hit your sweet spot.

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From dinner rolls and donuts to truffles and fruit snacks, we specialize in creative solutions for any project that’s on your plate, including:

  • Baked Goods: Bread, Cakes, Crackers, Cookies, Donuts, Muffins & Pastries
  • Bars: Cereal, Energy, Granola & Nutritional
  • Cereal: Ready-to-Eat & Hot
  • Confectionery: Chocolate, Hard Candy, Caramel, Gummy and Aerated Confections
  • Toppings & Fillings: Glaze, Icing, Sauce & Syrup

Are you struggling with texture in your allergen-free cookies? Or looking for the best way to work whole grains into your snack bar? Let your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team know your Sweet Goods setback and we’ll help you whip up a solution.

If your challenge stems from working with protein or adding functional nutrition, visit our Nutrition & Protein page to learn more about how we can help.