Sensory & Consumer Insights

When it comes to the business of taking on taste, we recognize the value of meeting (and even exceeding) consumer expectations.

Our Sensory & Consumer Insights (SCI) team offers a full range of sensory evaluation and testing including customized consumer insights, research, and early product development guidance. Involve SCI as early as possible, and at any project stage – from ideation through product guidance to goal validation.

Our SCI Tools & Resources:

  • Dedicated sensory labs, electronic data collection, nine panel booths with lighting control, and training and evaluation space for profiling and round-table discussion.
  • Compusense® Cloud, SurveyMonkey®, XLSTAT®, as well as online consumer research tools, are available for consumer research and gathering insights.
  • Depending on what the question is, we use a range of sensory evaluation testing methods selected to arrive at the answer. Difference Testing (i.e. triangle test, tetrad, duo-trio), descriptive evaluation, consumer hedonic testing, temporal methods and consumer insights’ research are all part of our repertoire.

To learn more about how we can partner together to meet your Sensory & Consumer Insights needs, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Service Team.