Tastepoint by IFF

Taste Creations

With more than 80,000 custom tastes, from acerola to zucchini, Tastepoint captures the essence of your ideas and the imagination of your consumers.


Vanilla is unmatched in lending warmth and depth to tastes sweet and savory alike. We’re expert in all of vanilla’s expressions, from intensified extractions to organic and fair trade formulas.

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They’re crisp and clean, juicy and green. Tastepoint’s organic solutions bring out nature’s natural goodness.

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Nothing tops the sensation of sipping a thirst-quenching drink. Our beverage creations flavor liquid refreshments ranging from tongue-tingling craft brews to eye-opening coffees and teas.

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Dairy & Frozen Dessert

Dairy’s naturally delicate flavor profile demands a nuanced approach. Tastepoint’s creamy concoctions infuse everything from yogurt and ice cream to pudding and dulce de leche.

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Add oomph and umami to any meal. Tastepoint’s savory sensations add zing to zesty salsas, tangy sauces and hearty soups, making mealtime a time to savor.

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Sweet Goods

Our sweet solutions make edibles like cakes and cereal, cookies and granola bars taste even more satisfying. Together we’ll delight palates with a sprinkle of sugar, smidgen of maple or speck of dark chocolate.

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